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Spycam Lizard - Stealth Motion Detection software for webcams

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Stealth motion detection App
for webcams

Spycam Lizard is a PC App that record images and video from a webcam using motion detection or time-laps. It works with any webcam, and it can run hidden in the background of Windows.

This App is super easy to use, yet provides a bunch of cool features that that will bring your surveillance project to success.

  • Takes snapshots
  • Record video with audio
  • Remote-view with a browser
  • Secretely monitor a room
  • Quick and easy install on your PC or Laptop.

See how it works!

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Simple, Clean, Motion detection software

This small application has a very simple interface, and can be up and running in a minute. Connect to your webcam, adjust the motion detection hot spot, click the "start monitoring" button. Spycam Lizard can be hidden at the touch of a button and keeps working in the background, capturing images or video, silently recording evidence.

Remote access from monile device
It also has a cool http server feature that lets you check your webcam when you are away, using any web browser, on any platform.

*When in Advanced mode, you can remotely turn the webcam on or off. Advanced mode also give remote access to the saved images and videos on the computer.

As easy to use as a spycam software can be, it is compact but still rich in features. Go ahead and try the free demo.

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