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Q: What is Spy Cam software?

A: It is a program that connects to a camera and runs in the background, not using a graphic user interface while it works. It can record video frames or sequences, and may be used to watch remotely.

Q: Does the trial version have the same features as the full version?

A: Yes. The features are the same, if the trial works well on your computer, the full version will  work as well. The full version does not deactivate after a short amount of time, and it does not place nag text over saved images and video.

Q: Is Spy Cam software legal?

A: Yes. Spy cam software is legal as long as you use it in compliance with your local laws on covert video surveillance. For example, invasions of privacy may be procecuted, and testimonial evidence secretely recorded may not be admissible in certain courts. If you have any doubts about the ethics of using a spy cam for your needs, please check your local laws.

Q: Does Spy Cam software have anything to do with "Spyware"?

A: No. A spy cam software is a discrete tool that you use to collect video samples from your personal computer, usually for the purpose of security. It is installed legitimitally by the computer's user.  A spyware is a malicious software that usually gets installed on a computer secretely, in a way akin to a virus, and is used by criminal organisations to collect sensitive data from the computer and its user.

Q: Can you give me any tips on how to setup an HTTP server?

A: Check out this document, it is probably all you need: How to setup a HTTP server

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